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Warm - up questions (Before you read)

You are familiar with the term “smart” as applied in technology.

Before you proceed to the warm-up questions, check out a pretty cool video of a pretty cool $19,000,000 smart home. Click here:

And here’s a dozen smart home gadgets. Click here:

Technology helps us interact with everyday objects in new, exciting ways.

Can you think of any? Let me give you an example. Think of the doors in many shops which open automatically when you approach.

What other applications can you imagine?

Turning down the volume of an audio device if you give signs of annoyance (such as closing your ears with your hands)?

How about raising the temperature of a room by indicating you feel cold (e.g. by hugging yourself)?

Is this even possible?

And if the possibility existed, how would you feel about it? Happy? Excited? Is there a chance you might find the whole thing a little creepy?

The gentleman whose presentation you will be watching seems to be making all this possible with the technology his company is developing.


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