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A What could have been the result(s) of each one of the scariest moments described in the article? Click here and do it in interactive form:

B Circle the correct answer:

1 The “bunch of guys about to turn blue” refers to

A the three astronauts on board the spacecraft.

B the two astronauts driving the landing vehicle.

C the personnel in Mission Control.

D the personnel in the White House.


2 The phrase “arriving in one piece” means

A arriving safely

B risking everything

C not being sure whether they had arrived

D arriving very quickly


3 Why did the Lunar Module land further than calculated?

A The calculations had been wrong.

B It had run out of fuel.

C It was given extra power.

D Armstrong made a mistake.


4 The phrase “the adrenaline ebbed” means that

A levels of anxiety rose.

B the people involved started calming down.

C the vehicle landed.

D the rocket started accelerating.


5 Mission Control were afraid that the pressure built-up in the landing engine fuel line might

A thaw the ice.

B interfere with the steering of the vehicle.

C plug the fuel line.

D cause an explosion.


6 Which of the following WOULDN’T be caused by the moon dust?

A coating helmet visors

B jamming zippers

C penetrating the spacesuit

D preventing the astronauts from walking


7 When did the astronauts go into quarantine?

A After they showed signs of infection.

B Before they entered the atmosphere.

C Just after they splashed down in the Pacific.

D As soon as they were transported to Johnson Space Center.


8 The “In Event of Moon Disaster” speech

A was rehearsed by President Nixon.

B was made available to the public 30 years later.

C was written by a retired officer.

D touched everyone’s heart when it was read.

Alternatively, play it in Kahoot mode here:

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