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A Complete the following sentences with words from the list below.

fluffy / visor / slight / devoid / abort / thaw / impromptu / boost / boulders / vapors

1 “You are fired”, he said in a neutral voice, entirely ________ of emotion.

2 My supervisor’s praise gave my confidence a ________ .

3 It was the fuel ________ from the petrol tank that caused the explosion.

4 The ________ speech I gave made a good impression. I feel lucky because I hadn’t prepared a word of it!

5 The rocky terrain with ________ scattered along the path made the hike very challenging.

6 The ________ on the fireman’s helmet was blackened with soot from the fire.

7 As they were facing disaster, they were given the order to ________ the mission.

8 Babies usually love ________ toys.

9 Once you have taken the meat out of the freezer, it must ________ out completely before you start cooking it.

10 There has been a ________ drop in the sales since last month. We need to look into it.

Alternatively, play it in interactive form here:

B Choose the correct answer:

1 “We will fund your operation, but we expect ________ results”, the director warned.

A steely

B fluffy

C tangible

D acute


2 Trouble had been ________ between the two for quite some time until it turned into an open confrontation.

A overloading

B brewing

C hitching

D boosting


3 The article went down in the ________ of journalism as the most inaccurate piece of writing.

A quicksand

B annals

C triggers

D impact


4 “I don’t like the ________ characters you hang around with”, his dad said.

A dubious

B tangible

C slight

D poignant


5 There was a ________ in the garden hose that prevented the water from flowing freely.

A  visor

B crunch

C shard

D plug


6 I ________ it necessary to give them a fair warning before we sue.

A remedy

B recur

C deem

D overshoot


7 In our solar system, there are nine planets in ________ around the Sun.

A orbit

B touchdown

C vent

D impact


8 The vase fell on the floor, shattered, and there were ________ all over the place.

A germs

B shards

C jams

D craters


Or, play it as a Kahoot game here:

Match the words to their synonyms.

minuscule   -   supervise

tranquility   -   block

multitude   -   cover with a layer

oversee   -   attempt

relay   -   a large number

undock   -   tiny

coat   -   cause

trigger   -   disconnect

jam   -   transmit

endeavor   -   peace and quiet

Alternatively, play it in interactive form here:

D Complete the gap with a word deriving from the word in CAPITALS.

1 I need to talk to you ________ . URGE

2 Even the most insignificant mistake may ________ the mission. PERIL

3 Your plan is fine, but you seem to be ________ one crucial element. LOOK

4 The model will have to undergo several ________ before it can participate in the race. MODIFY

5 the company didn’t look good in the eyes of the public, so the manager suggested we take some ________ action. REMEDY

6 ________ measures have been taken to curb the inflation. PRECAUTION

7 The reception on my mobile was very poor, so I could only follow the conversation ________ . INTERMITTENT

8 There was no need to brief the boss. He was ________ aware of the situation. ACUTE

Alternatively, play it in interactive form here:

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