LPG ® is a game that engages our students in a playful way and encourages them to summon up their linguistic resources, be they grammar, vocabulary or communicative skills.

On one level, it functions as a conventional board game. Dice to roll, property to purchase, money to win or lose.

On another, it encourages learners to think, while at the same time it engages their playful nature and calls their competitive spirit into (well, there it goes again!) play.

Question cards have two sides. One side is colour-coded according to level. The other side contains the question, indicates the level and the play set. View the graph on the right.

Click here for a detailed content chart per level.

Currently, there are 3 playsets (i.e. 30 questions) per level and seven levels available. The questions mainly focus on grammar. Click here to view the grammar contents:

Come September, there will be more than 30 playsets per level and ten levels. Click here to view the contents:

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