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Complete each gap with one word.

How to be polite:

Say hello to people – salute people properly, maintain eye (1) __________ and smile naturally, shake hands or embrace (2) __________ appropriate but say hello, especially to colleagues and other people you see every day. Be accessible. Do not drive people away (3) __________ because you’re in a bad mood.

Take time to (4) __________ some small talk - mention the weather or ask (5) __________ the other person’s family or talk about something you read on the paper. Make an effort to engage in light conversation, show some interest, but don’t exaggerate. Remain friendly and positive and recognise the verbal and non-verbal signals from your partner.

Try to remember things about the other person and comment suitably – use names, their birthday, any significant events that have happened (or are about to happen) in their life.  Always be mindful (6) __________ others’ problems and difficult life events.

Always use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.  Make sure you thank people for their input or contribution and always include ‘please’ (7) __________ asking for something. (8) __________ somebody offers you something use 'Yes please' or 'No thank you'.

Alternatively, do it in interactive form here:


Study the theory here:

Try out what you have learnt by doing the following interactive exercise. Click here:

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