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A Click here and match the people to what they say:

B Circle the correct answer:

1 The Canadian border guards helped the author’s family with

A. the number of wine bottles they brought into the country

B. finding a hotel

C. the car battery

D. an expired passport


2 The sentence “Canada is to niceness as Saudi Arabia is to oil.” implies:

A. that niceness is plentiful in Canada

B. that niceness is plentiful in Saudi Arabia

C. that Canada does not export oil

D. that oil is plentiful in Canada


3 According to the author, in Canada it’s very common to

A. apologize

B. honk a horn

C. boast

D. murder


4 The law student’s name was

A. Eric Weiner

B. Michael Valpy

C. Derek Murray

D. Taras Grescoe


5 Who left a letter of apology?

A. the man who walked into a tree

B. the Canadian border guards

C. the American border guards

D. a shoplifter in Ontario


6 Kevin Vickers, a Canadian policeman, became known mainly for:

A. shooting a gunman

B. his humility, in the aftermath of a heroic action

C. recharging a student’s car battery

D. complaining while watching a film


7 According to the author,

A. people are born nice or rude

B. people can “contract” niceness

C. politeness is a way of standing out from the crowd

D. everybody considers niceness to be a good thing

Alternatively, play it in Kahoot mode here:

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