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A Complete the following sentences with words from the list below.

embarked on / reluctant / contagious / assailant / encounter / streak / blissfully / drained / fester / overrated

1 I still think that Jeff is a(n) ______ artist despite the fact that his books sell like hot cakes.

2 That’s typical of Sarah. She starts a new venture, ______ unaware of the dangers ahead.

3 Don’t let Gary’s apparent calm fool you. There is a ______ of violence in him.

4 The ______ with the wolf in the forest left me trembling.

5 If you leave the issue between you and your brother unresolved, it will ______ into bitterness. You’d better deal with it sooner rather than later.

6 Jack wouldn’t give me a straight response when I asked him how he had come by that expensive watch he was wearing. He was clearly ______ to answer.

7 When asked to identify his ______ , Richard pointed at a man in black with a scar on his face.

8 The flu is a(n) ______ disease. You can catch it by a person coughing or sneezing next to you.

9 It was with great joy that Samantha ______ her new career as a vice-president in an advertising company.

10 I was so thirsty I ______ my water canteen in under a minute.

Alternatively, play it in interactive form here:

Match the words to their synonyms.

jagged    -    strong, determined and not afraid of arguing

bravado    -    not bright

blizzard    -    want to have sth that belongs to sb else

feisty    -    with rough, pointed edges

exasperated    -    very common, widespread

dim    -    a heavy snow storm

stem from    -    undamaged

rife    -    be the result of something

untainted    -    extremely annoyed

covet    -    a confident way of behaving

Alternatively, play it in interactive form here:

C Complete the gap with a word deriving from the word in CAPITALS.

1 If you don’t ____________ the engine, it won’t work properly. LUBRICANT

2 It was with great ____________ that I accepted the offer. RELUCTANT

3 The ____________ of wildlife in the area stunned me. ABUNDANT

4 In spite of his achievements, the scientist exhibits ____________ in public. HUMBLE

5 Jack is always ____________ to his teachers. DEFER

6 Her sense of social ____________ never allowed Martha to make friends with the upper class. INFERIOR

7 On this map, you can observe the ____________ patterns of the wild ducks. MIGRATE

8 I strongly dislike movies that ____________ violence. GLORY

Alternatively, play it in interactive form here:

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