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Complete each gap with one word.

(1) ______ the day you read this, the population of our planet will increase (2) ______ 230,000 people. Hungry people.

Next year, about 137 million humans (3) ______ be born, and some 53 million of us will (4) ______.

That amounts (5) ______ a net population increase of 84 million – (6) ______ than 230,000 additional inhabitants of the planet every day of the year.

Many of (7) ______ newcomers will feed on their mother for a year or (8) ______, but after that it will be (9) ______ to Mother Earth to provide them (10) ______ food and drink.

Alternatively, do it in interactive form here:


Assorted phrasal verbs here, so no theory to study today, unless you’d like to revise them before you attempt the exercises. If this is the case, consult this list. Click here:

For exercise 1 click here:

For exercise 2 click here:

For exercise 3 click here:

For exercise 4 click here:

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