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A How does the speaker develop his argument? Put the following statements in the correct order:

1   /   4 companies control 90% of the total grain produced on Earth.

2   /   Food derived from bacteria has existed for a long time.

3   /   New techniques for crop growing are being developed.

4   /   The effect of the increase in food prices is less noticed in rich nations.

5   /   Farming is the greatest damage we have inflicted on the planet.

6   /   Lab-grown protein is now a reality.

7   /   Agricultural use of land is bigger than the urban one.

8   /   Use of land is the most important environmental issue.

9   /   For half a century we thought we had solved the problem of hunger.

10   /   Farming and animal breeding account for the greatest use of land.

Alternatively, do the exercise in interactive form, here:

B Circle the correct answer:

1 What evidence does the speaker use to prove the damage caused by farming?

A The extent to which the climate has changed.

B The high percentage of deforestation and low percentage of birds in the wild.

C The environmental breakdown it has caused.

D The overpopulation of parts of the countryside.


2 The sixth great extinction of species

A has nothing to do with the climate change.

B is caused by the expansion of farmland.

C is directly related to the lack of food.

D is mainly the result of water pollution.


3 How much of the planet’s land do homes and man-made buildings occupy ?

A 38%

B 12%

C 1%

D 26%


4 Between the 1960s and 2014, world hunger

A was increasing.

B had ceased being a problem.

C was at its highest.

D was decreasing.


5 Why does the speaker mention that only four companies control 90 percent of the global grain trade?

A To highlight the vulnerability of the world food supply.

B To protest about rich nations getting richer.

C To explain the controversy of food prices dropping globally while rising locally.

D To emphasize the impact of wars on the supply chain.


6 Why does the act of moving food production off the land and into the factory seem a good solution?

A Because it solves the issue of land used for farming.

B Because it is more cost-effective.

C Because it employs environmentally friendly methods.

D Because the products are healthier for the consumer.


7 What was the striking thing about the pancake the speaker mentions?

A It had kept all its nutritious content.

B It required a smaller amount of land to be produced.

C It wasn’t as disgusting as other factory food products.

D Despite being made of factory produced flour, it tasted good.


8 What is the speaker’s purpose? (GLOBAL QUESTION)

A To warn us about the catastrophic impact of war on the food chain.

B To propose ways of obtaining food while occupying less land.

C To introduce new, cheap methods of food production.

D To present innovations in the farming sector.

Alternatively, play it in Kahoot mode here:

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