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A Complete the following sentences with words from the list below.

foremost / boosted / soil / grain / infrastructure / intensive / pasture / recoiled / plowing / rightly / statement / breakthrough

1 He ________ in disgust from the horrible sight.

2 Due to the war, the country’s ________ has been devastated. There are hardly any public buildings standing.

3 After trying for months, the scientific team finally made a ________ in their research.

4 Alex is attending an ________ course in order to brush up on his French before the trip.

5 Diana was furious at the insult, and ________ so.

6 Professor Albrecht is one of the ________ scientists when it comes to cancer research.

7 This is one of the least developed countries. Farmers are still ________ the land like they’ve been doing for centuries.

8 Before the war, Ukraine was one of the major ________ producers globally.

9 I could see flocks of sheep grazing in the green ________ .

10 The reporter asked the Prime Minister for a ________ but the latter declined.

11 The introduction of modern machinery to the factory has ________ production to new levels.

12 We can achieve increased yield only if we fertilize the ________ .

Alternatively, play it in interactive form here:

B Match the words to their synonyms.

conflict   -   intentionally

account for   -   drop

make up   -   vital

thrilling   -   finally

scope   -   range

occupy   -   comprise

contagious   -   acquire

deliberately   -   explain 

decline   -   possess

crucial   -   infectious

ultimately   -   exciting

obtain   -   clash

Alternatively, play it in interactive form here:

C Complete the gap with a word deriving from the word in CAPITALS.

1 The man dropped from a twelve-floor building. ________ , he survived. ASTOUND

2 We had to run a few tests in order to assess the ________ of the system. RESILIENT

3 The patient’s condition had to be ________ before the operation. STABLE

4 Some people find it immoral to ________ medical care and offer their services for free. COMMERCE

5 Her only ________ to the debate was a couple of casual remarks. CONTRIBUTE

6 Susan was not daunted by the ________ of the task she had undertaken. ENORMOUS

7 The ________ Jean introduced to the company were hard to imagine at first. INNOVATE

8 Dumping ________ sewage had a devastating effect on marine life. PROCESS

9 Accepting the new job meant a serious ________ to Frank’s income, but more time with his family. REDUCE

10 ________ is ranking as one of the most serious threats to the environment. FOREST

11 Environmental studies were ________ to the school syllabus last year. CORPORATE

12 Ancient monuments hold a particular ________ for me. FASCINATE

Alternatively, play it in interactive form here:

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